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刚面了 kira,第一轮的。都是题库里的题,把自己总结的无重复无遗漏,至今为止最全的题库分享下攒人品!题目顺序是时间由近到远,其实只看前 20 题就够了,后面的是以防万一大家可以看一下。

  1. What makes you a competitive candidate?
  2. Describe how do you think MSF/Olin will prepare you for your future career.
  3. One place in St Louis that you are excited to visit.
  4. Share three words that best describes you. explain why you chose those words.
  5. Top 1 song in your playlist.
  6. 你收到的最有意义的礼物是什么?
  7. Interesting thing about you that others might not know.
  8. A meal with someone important. what to talk about.
  9. Why track. how that help you achieve your career goal.
  10. Why msf. how that help you?
  11. How olin help you?
  12. 金融从业者一个重要的 skill or trait.
  13. 你在 Olin 最想参加或者最想 start 的一个 student club 是什么?
  14. What would you cook for your friends at a dinner party and why?
  15. 根据你的 background, what can you contribute to the course and other students?
  16. Describe how your undergraduate degree has prepared you for the MSF program.
  17. Describe how you gained an interest in the financial industry and how you plan to make an impact within it.
  18. What impact would you make in financial market and how do you keep relevant for your career?
  19. If you could have a super hero power, what would it be and why?
  20. 如果你可以去火星,条件是和你的家人朋友再也不见面,你愿意吗?
  21. Would you rather be really hot or cold?it's not worth the cost.
  22. You are the proud owner of a new boat. What would you name it and why?
  23. Favorite movie or book.
  24. Share with us the funniest thing happened to you recently.
  25. If we visit your hometown, where will you take us to visit?
  26. Tell us one undergraduate course most challenging you and how does this course would help you when you study MSF?/ The most challenging course and how it means to your master study?
  27. Tell us about the most important person in your life and why they mean so much to you.
  28. A mentor that you learn from and what does he/she have you want to apply for this program.
  29. Talk about a leader you have worked with, why do you admire him/her
  30. Three things we should know about you.
  31. How would you get involved in Olin after graduation?

写作:You have been offered an opportunity to interview for an internship with a company that is on your target list. The interview is on Wednesday at 10 AM on the north side of town. On Tuesday, you receive an offer from your top choice company to interview on the same day at 11 AM. The companies are 45 minutes apart by car. This is your dream opportunity, however, you have already made a commitment to the other company. What do you do?


First of all, I would like to ask the second company if the interview time can be changed because I may not have time on Wednesday morning and explain. If the company does not agree to the change, I will ask the company that sent the invitation first if it can change the time. I might make up an excuse that I suddenly have an issue that I can't change. Then, if neither company would agree to the change, I would ask if an online interview could be provided so that I might be able to wrap up an interview with one company within an hour and save time on the way for a second interview. In the absence of reconciliation, Then I would make a trade-off. From how much I like the position to how likely I am to succeed in the interview, I would decline an interview with one of the companies.

写作:A student has been extremely busy trying to wrap up a project for his/her internship employer, so unfortunately the student has not devoted a sufficient amount of time toward the completion of his/her final paper. The final paper is due tomorrow and the student still has not finished the paper, but the supervisor of the internship has requested that he/she join the team out at a local restaurant to celebrate the finalization of the project. Faced with this dilemma, what should the student do?

我认为这取决于我们老板的 personality 和参与聚餐的人员。如果我的老板是个很平易近人的人,并且我们关系很好,那么我可能会向他说明这件事情,尝试拒绝邀约。但是,如果我的老板比较注重礼节,他会将我拒绝参加聚会的事情看的很 serious 的话,我可能还是会答应去聚会。事实上,对于我而言,吃一顿饭或许不会花费过多的时间。并且我认为吃饭是一个很好的社交场合。我不仅可以积累人脉,而且如果可以接触很多优秀的金融从业者,我可以得到很多 cutting-edge 行业信息。但是为了可以按时完成我的 paper,我或许会 burn the midnight oil,去补偿我聚餐花费的时间。

I think it depends on the personality of our boss and the people at the dinner party. If my boss is an approachable person and we have a good relationship, Then I might explain it to him and try to decline the offer. However, if my boss is polite and takes my refusal to party seriously, I might say yes anyway. In fact, for me, eating a meal probably doesn't take much time. And I think eating is a good social occasion. I can not only accumulate contacts but also get a lot of industry-cutting information if I can contact many excellent financial practitioners. But to finish my paper on time, I may burn the midnight oil to compensate for the time I spent at the dinner party.


For the first time in many years the basketball team has made it to the championship game. In order for a player to be eligible they must have a “C”grade average. A few days prior to the game the coach learns that his two star players have dropped below the required grade average. According to policy, they should be suspended from the team but, if they are suspended, they won’t play in the championship and the whole team is depending on them. What should the coach do?


What I do may depend on the importance of the game. If this is a particularly important game, I may approach the school leaders and ask about the strictness of this policy and whether there is room for negotiation. If so, could there be A conditional rider, for example, allowing A C player to play but requiring that both players get an A next semester or face some kind of punishment, such as being removed from the basketball team for good? If this game is not important, or this rule is very strict and there is no possibility of negotiating, Then I have to replace these two players to find a more talented player.


A student is selected as Class President and is scheduled to accept the position and speak to the entire student body on Friday. On Wednesday it is discovered that the student has not completed a self-study course requirement that is mandatory for all students enate representatives. The course takes a week to be completed. Given that the student has not started the coursework and will not be able to finish before the announcement on Friday, please describe what actions should be taken in order to resolve the situation.

如果这一规定是之前就通知过的,那么我会换掉这名学生。因为这个是 mandatory requirement,他在申请前应该就知道这条规定,但是他依旧没有完成,那么我将会对他的能力产生怀疑。并且如果保留他的名额,那么其他学生知道后也会不满。我会在所有的符合条件的候选学生中,选择最优秀的那位。帮助他在两天内准备一个好的演讲。

If this rule had been previously notified, I would have replaced the student. Because this is a mandatory requirement, he should have known about it before he applied, but he still hasn't completed it, so I'm going to have doubts about his ability. And if his place is reserved, other students will not be satisfied. I will choose the best candidate among all the eligible candidates. Help him prepare a good speech in two days.




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