5个小时换得AWA 5.5分

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AWA5.5 成绩虽然不是extremely high 而且二战也是必然的,但是5.5的AWA足以把我乐翻了。真诚分享我的感想给那些和我一样为作文焦虑的CDer。

先说,我的情况:突发奇想上MBA just prior to deadline of application,报了一所名校(我家附近的,北美),两个星期part-time准备GMAT (扫盲+冲刺), 本人口语听力不错,可惜GMAT用不上,阅读语法极差,逻辑就别提了,大部分在有限的时间内看不懂题,给我时间慢慢捉摸还行,这不废话吗。乍一复习GMAT,不知所云,感觉大有临阵脱逃的必要。 一战成绩好像touch了最低分数线,但比起NN们的7** 好几,实在差的太远,如果没有其他人申请,当然可以轮到我被录取,但那是不可能的。数学49,verbal低于average。平心静气准备二战。至所以罗罗嗦嗦讲这么多个人情况,是让读本文的CDer们可以对号入座,跟我是同类的,我的感想可能对你有帮助,nn们和时间充裕认真准备的学友不属于我一类人,千万别被我误导。看我balabala的中文水平,足见我的英文写作水平之低下。


  • 1个小时扫盲,知道了AA和AI
  • 1个小时扫黄金题,时间紧迫放弃了,说实话很多单词看不懂,好烦,失去耐性了。
  • 3个小时:找了一个被用烂的模版,背。看7宗罪,背不下来,好多看不懂,感觉都很类似。

虽然仅仅1个小时的读黄金题,确实很有意义,让我这种绝对的门外汉对develope AI有了了解。云里雾里的看完7宗罪,我自己想这么多计不住,相关调查数据不够肯定是万能理由,因为数据如果充足,论点不就无懈可击了吗?当即决定无论如何也要把这条编上。使出了吃奶的劲,背模版(当时不知道这个模版被用烂了,好像有人得了超低分,昨天偶然看到有人用此模版得了超低分2.5分,我顿时觉得血都凉了。)模版中还有不少生词,句子也很复杂,好不容易才搞清楚他的逻辑和内容。

考试时,100%的copy模版,只是其中的生词好多想不起来了,复杂的长句子也记不清了,无奈之下,只能换简单词,该短句子。我大概用了90%的模版。所有需要自己现场编的部分,全部用短句子,因为长的不会写,也怕写不对,基本都是主+谓+宾结构没有复杂成分。“数据不足”的理由果真编上了。AA,因担心时间不够没太仔细看题,题目不大懂。结果证明,题目不需要太懂就可以argue。至于“非此即彼”等太复杂的理由不会用,也怕表达不清都没用。只用了些简单的理由好像有一个是“调查对象不对”,最后一个point忘了。总之,对于文笔薄弱的学友,我的例子足以证明:可以放心大胆的用简单词和短句子,必须能说明白。避免使用超出自己能力的表达,很可能讲不清,适得其反。AI,我用了cost 理由,其他忘了。



(经典)开头段模板 The conclusion endorsed in this argument is that…. Several reasons are offered in support of this argument. First of all, the author points out that…. In addition, the author reasons(推论) that…

(What’s more, (而且)he also assumes that …) At first glance, the author’s argument appears to be somewhat convincing, but further reflection reveals that the conclusion is based on some dubious assumptions and the reasoning is biased due to the inadequacy and partiality in the nature of evidence provided to justify the conclusion. A careful examination would review(评论) how groundless(无根据) this conclusion is.

(经典)结尾段模板To conclude, this argument is not persuasive as it stands. Accordingly,(因此) it is imprudent for the author to claim that….


“When someone achieves greatness in any field — such as the arts, science, politics, or business — that person’s achievements are more important than any of his or her personal faults.”

Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the opinion stated above. Support your views with reasons and/or examples from your own experience, observations, or reading.


把题目复述一下__________ ? To some extent, I agree with the author’s general assertion that if *** (即在作者的观点上,加上一些条件,有保留地赞同). However, the author unnecessarily extends this broad assertion to an irreversible extreme while overlooks other compelling factors that may affect this issue. On balance, my points of agreement and contention with the author involve the fundamental and deep analysis as discussed below.

On the one hand, I would like to admit that this statement, although suffers from some obvious drawbacks, has some merits primarily in some special cases in which the implicit rationale behind it accords with common sense and our experience in daily life. Hence, it is partially indisputable. After all, …..Even if, ___________. In other words____________.

Furthermore, __________. All these evidence demonstrates beyond any doubt that_____. (以上两段要找两个理由,来说明作者观点如何对)

On the other hand, recognizing that a more applicable choice must incorporate different aspects of the issue as sufficient as possible, I have to point out that the author overstates ______’s comparative significance, and fail to take into account other essential factors. In short, this assertion is problematic in two aspects. The first argument —the one that I think the most compelling— is that the author overlooked _________, that is to say, ___________. The second argument —it might have been noticed by others-- is that in some occasion, it is quite difficult to ________.

Accordingly, I tend to concede that when it comes to some certain circumstances it is partially appropriate (这里找两个理由说明在一些场合下,作者观点还是不成立的,因为不管什么论点,成立还是会有条件的。此段模版字数已经很多,你只要列出不成立的观点即可,言简意赅,因为一般到这个时候,时间也不多了,容不得你写例子了。)      

 In conclusion, issue of ____________is a complex one, requiring subjective judgment, consequently, there are no easy or certain answers. So different are the personal experiences and emotional concerns among people with diverse culture that thousand individuals might hold thousand opinions. According to me,把你开头的观点copy/paste上去.



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