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本拖延症终于录完video essay了……准备了40道题结果还是碰到了新题,哭了!我的题目:

  • Name and describe three people whom you would like to meet for lunch.




Columbia Video Essay

  1. SPS-介绍一个你hometown最popular的地方?为什么popular?
    The most popular place of my home town is The Liberation Monument. It is built to commemorate the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan and people who sacrificed themselves in war. Besides, it is located in the center of three big shopping malls. In this case, both local people and tourists like to visit and go shopping there.

  2. ERM- Describe your ideal work environment. harmonious environment
    My ideal work environment would be an environment that I could communicate with my peers and superiors freely. What’s more, colleagues can communicate and share their experience and skills freely. On the other hand, my job needs to be challenging, and I can still tackle them with my effort. I also prefer interesting tasks which can make me face new challenges every day.

  3. ERM-对于一个非常重要的speech or TED,你会讲述什么?
    I’m going to talk about why one should not judge anyone from one’s first impression. The first impression of a person can be easily influenced by one’s appearance and. And a judgement based on the first brief encounter is usually imprecise and unfair. If people make wrong judgements, they may lose chances to develop a nice relationship or easily trust someone. Therefore, judgements must come from long-term relationships.

  4. ERM-How would you feel if you spend one day without cell phone? One week
    I will feel happy and relaxed if I spend one day without cellphone. Because I can spend more time with my family and use this leisure time to watch movie or take some outdoor sports. For me, using cell phone means I will waste time on some unnecessary information and meaningless small talks. But I may feel anxious if I leave my cell phone in one week. I feel so inconvenient to pay with cash and take subway with card.

  5. aa-how do you conclude whether you agree or disagree with an idea?
    If it is a matter of being illegal or immoral, I can decide easily. However, if the issues is not right or wrong, I would first turn to Internet search for related information and subject experts. Through my Internet search, I will find journal articles and books by the leading experts. Then I will study the subject and make a decision if I agree or disagree with an idea.

  6. erm-tell me about your biggest weakness .
    My biggest weakness is that I am not a detailed person. I usually forget to check the smallest part. I also made many mistakes because of this weakness. In my last internship, I ignored a few small changes when helping my colleague check his ppt, so he had to shouldered my task. I did realize this weakness and I tried my best to correct it. Therefore, I am more careful now and I will remind myself in each task.

  7. erm-how important is social media to you?
    Honestly, I can’t live without social media. Because social media has taken part in every aspect of my life. Like Wechat, it used to be a chatting app. However, now people used it not only to communicate with each other, but also pay for their daily consumption, share life and work. Besides, social media like twitter is the fast way to get the latest news and find interesting stories.

  8. aa-How do you motivate yourself when you are assigned a task?
    Firstly, the significance of a task can motivate me when I have a task. For example, if the results of tasks define my course grade or scholarship, I will definitely try my best to finished it perfectly. Secondly, I can figure out what I can learn through this task. If it does help me develop professional skills or gain more knowledge, I can motivate myself a lot. Finally, promising myself to buy a present after finishing the task is also a great method.

  9. Erm-你本科阶段(印象最深/获益最大)的一门课程是什么?
    I learned a lot in The Risk Management and Insurance course. It is my first course of insurance and it includes the basic definitions, laws and types of insurance. Honestly, it opened up the insurance world for me and made me more certain in my major. Besides, the professor of this course also assigned me different projects. These projects developed my analyzing and searching skills which helped me a lot in both academic and working field.

  10. Erm-Do you use emojis or emotions during communications? Why?
    Yes, I enjoy using emojis and emotions a lot during my communications with others. Firstly, emojis can convey my current feelings directly and fluently while words can’t make it. Secondly, emojis can add more interest into the conversations. Many emojis are really entertaining and they can change a boring talk to a funny one. My favorite emoji is the one covering its face. It represents different attitude in different situations.

  11. ERM-How do you maintain a balance between work and your personal life?
    Family is important to me, so I will always make time for my family and my personal life. Firstly, I should improve my work efficiency and focus on what needs to be done. Secondly, I want to be flexible. When work demands more time, I shall do my best to commentate my work schedule. When I can spend more time with my family, I will do that. However, if I have to choose between work and family, I will choose my family!

  12. ERM-What is your view of class participation?
    From my perspective, class participation is an essential part of learning. While discussing and debating in class, students can learn from each other and gain new ideas. This interaction can offer students a wonderful learning environment to deepen their understanding of the subject of interest.

  13. 大学教育中你认为最棒的部分是什么?
    The greatest part in college might be the freedom. In high school, students have no opportunity to choose their classes and are always supervised by teachers. However, in college, students gain the ability to take the course they are interested in. Moreover, students could attend different clubs according to their will to develop their hobbies or other skills. These experiences are essential.

  14. Do you perform better when you are competing or collaborating?
    I do perform better when I under pressure. When I’m in a competition with team members, I want to help each other so that our team can shine! The stress of competing and collaborating can energize me to work harder for a better result. I thrive when under stress.

  15. 团队合作的活动以及遇到的挑战。
    Communication is the key to solve problems and I will use this key in team collaboration when I face challenges. I have encountered some challenges in a team project. We had different opinions and couldn’t reach an agreement easily. As a leader in the group, I called up a meeting and let everyone state their opinions directly. In the end, everyone in the team was satisfied with the result.

  16. What moral dilemma you faced recently?***
    A few days ago, I bought a pair of headphones through the amazon. However, when I received the package, I found that the seller wrongly sent me two pairs and didn’t realize it. So, I faced the dilemma whether I should tell him and send one back or keep it in secret. This question confused me 2 days. Finally, I decided to send the additional headphones back so that I would not keep condemning myself.

  17. what is the worst advice you have ever received? ***
    My relative once advised me to choose universities in my hometown. He thought a girl didn’t need to know outside world and had to be a housewife after graduation. This advice was disappointing and disgusting because he set the stereotype of girls and didn’t respect their own willing. Fortunately, my parents supported me to attend universities in Shanghai and I have a meaningful and memorable experience in my university. Now, I’m planning to apply for the graduate school and study aboard.

  18. How would you like to change the world?
    Do my part. This is an effective and useful way to change the world. I can’t be a president of a country, but I can change the world with my own way. For example, I can choose to buy the makeup products that are environmental-friendly or purchase a more expensive air conditioner but save more energy. I can also donate money to charity to help the poor. These efforts may be small, but they make the world better.

  19. What is an important celebration in your family?
    One of the most important celebration in my family is the spring festival. This is the only chance that the whole family can get together. On the New Year’s Eve, each person prepares one dish to share with the family. We stay up all night and set off fireworks to send wishes for the bright new year and good health for everyone.

  20. How do you get news?
    Since I always keep my phone in the pocket, I get news from social media rather than TV or newspaper. It is fast and convenient. I can also comment on the news and share my opinions on events.

  21. How do you spend $100,000? ***
    I’d like to use the $100,00 for investments. If I can get a return of 5%, or 5000USD, which equals to the average annual income in my hometown, Chongqing, I can basically purse my intellectual interest without any worry. It can give me the freedom to start my own business. I can also have the ability to help others in need. In any case, I will not spend this money frivolously.

  22. How do you handle peer-pressure? ***
    Honestly, this kind of peer pressure is everywhere and I cannot ignore it. Most of the time, within my financial limits, I choose to follow the trend to buy some fashion clothes like my peers. Because it is the easiest way to fit in. However, if it’s a matter of my personal belief or principle, I will not yield to peer pressure.

  23. How you test the limit of your knowledge
    Firstly, learning can make me know what I don’t know, which is my knowledge limit. Secondly, I will try to apply my knowledge in the real practice. Because the results of application can also tell me where my limit is. Finally, finding difficulties is a good idea. When I don’t know how to do it, I can realize my limit of knowledge. They are three ways of testing my limit.

  24. Why this program?

  25. How can you see you in yourself career path?

  26. what is something that you proud of doing?
    I am proud of visiting Hongkong by myself when I was 14. Though it was full of unknown and adventures, I successfully persuaded my parents. Because of this journey, I become a very independent person and am able to make a complete plan for my peers and my self. Besides, I met some nice friends during my visit. They led me to visit the scenic spots and introduce delicious local food for me. This experience is my lifelong fortune.

  27. 你在博物馆见到的最有意思的事情是什么?
    The most interesting thing I saw in museum is when I was watching an Egyptian mummy in a coffin. I was deeply influenced by the Egyptian culture because of the history books I read. I felt so excited to see the mummy. Although I couldn’t see the whole mummy, I became interested in the symbols carved on the coffin. And when I was watching it, a group of people were afraid that the mummy would suddenly wake up and scream out. Their words and behavior really entertained me.

  28. 如果你可以给年轻的你建议,你会给什么?
    I would like to suggest myself several years ago to do more exercises. When I attended university, I was busy with all kinds of stuffs, student association, internship, schoolwork and so on. Therefore, I forgot about doing regular exercises and spent more of my time indoors. I became weaker and caught a cold easily. If I reminded me five years ago to take exercises more frequently, I might have a better health and fitter body now.

  29. What are your three greatest strengths?
    I think my biggest strengths are open minded, confident and team work. Firstly, I am always eager to learn the newest information and other people’s opinions. Secondly, I am confident enough to face all the difficult problems. Finally, I am good at working with others to achieve team goals. These strengths help me stand out in my career and study.

  30. 你最喜欢的technology是什么?
    My favorite technology is self-driving. Although company haven’t put the smart car into the daily usage, it still makes me interested a lot. With the smart car, people can free their hands when they are in the car. Besides, the frequency of traffic burden and accidents and can be significantly deduced. I hope the day I can buy a smart car will come soon.

  31. what inspired you?
    A band named mayday inspired me to be certain in my dream. When I was uncertain in my future, I always listened to their songs. Their lyrics are very inspiring and encourage people to pursue their dreams. Besides, they also represent the symbol of dreams, because they gave up their studies for music, and finally succeeded. Therefore, I have the courage to change my boring life.

  32. 对你有着重要意义的一个地方。
    A park near my home is a meaningful place for me. When I was a child, my parents took me to play with friends, barbecue and exercise every weekend. After I grew up, every time I met some difficulties and sad things, I would go to this park for a few hours to relax myself. Honestly, this park holds many important memories in my life and I can find peace there.

  33. what would you do if you found one of your friends cheating?
    I will talk with my friend about this behavior and try my best to persuade her stop cheating because cheating ultimately hurts everyone including the cheater. If she follows my advice, I won’t tell anyone else. However, if she continues, I will break this friendship and report it to the proper authority.

  34. talk about a conversation that is important to you.
    My relative once told me no to choose universities out of my city. He thought a girl should stay close to parents and didn’t need to know outside world. Honestly, this conversation was disappointing and disgusting because he set the stereotype of girls and didn’t respect their own willing. However, it is so important that I finally realized I can’t spend my entire life with people like him and I decided to change my life.

  35. What is the relationship between career success and education?
    Education is the foundation for success. It equips a person with necessary knowledge and skills to start a career. However, there are too many factors determine one’s success. Education is a necessary, but not sufficient condition for career success.

  36. how do you determine the success of a project?
    I always determine the success of a project by the result, like getting the highest score in a class or making a considerable revenue for my company. These results are easy to tell whether I am successful. However, result is not the only dimension to decide. If I gain useful experiences and skills from a project, I can also determine my success, even though the result is not good.

  37. what is your favourite movie and why?

  38. How do you make decisions?

  39. Name and describe three people whom you would like to meet for lunch.




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