约翰霍普金斯 Carey 商学院 Kira 2020 Fall 面经 [2019.10.19]

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楼主在 20 分钟前刚刚完成面试,分享下经验攒个人品。

  1. 如果你是 leadership 应该如何解决不同文化的同学提出的不同 strategies (首先了解各个同学的背景,然后了解整个项目的背景知识,然后开 seminar 讨论,讨论总会得出一个最合理的结果,并且在讨论中避免冲突和 insulting 的事情)。
  2. 有什么时候感觉到 completely lost (楼主答的是举 GRE 没考好的例子,讲朋友的劝说和 hard work 都是很重要的事情)。

PS:附件里面是楼主准备的部分以前的面试题答案,参照了以前一个用 xmind 的大神整理的答案,留下来攒人品啦。

JHU 面试


  1. which country you would go?
    In my opinion, I would like to choose Germany as the destination. / I would choose to learn the culture of Germany. Firstly, I have been in touch with a lot of German brand, such as my mother’s car Audi, the electronic devices from Siemens, clothes from Adidas. They are durable and delicate. And I also heard the demanding/ rigorous and professional working style in Germany from my friend working and living in Germany. Besides, people in Germany also accept English and since German is not so difficult to learn on the basis of fluent English. Therefore, I’m really interested in this country/ culture and eager to pay a visit to Germany.

  2. which culture you would like to learn?
    The Mongolia culture, located at Inner Mongolia province in China has special and motional tradition. Before the kids become adults, they are required to acquire some horseman techniques and conquer their own horses. Just imagine, it’s pretty cool to learn how to control the horse and shooting at the target. Besides, you could keep your horse and develop a close relationship with it, which would definitely be an amazing experience that I won’t forget. And I’m also interested in the toasted steak in Mongolia. Therefore, I would like to learn the Mongolia culture.

  3. people from different cultures?
    In my opinion, we are supposed to be open-minded to different cultures. Firstly, every culture has its own distinguishing traits, such as specific art form and different festivals. All of these would provide us with wonderful culture experiences. Secondly, through getting in touch with people from different culture background, we would become more tolerant to the opinions we might personally disagree with and thus find a more comfortable way to live with. In addition, as a potential finance students, it’s quite significant for me to learn about different cultures from all over the world, since I might cooperate with or provide financial service for people from the whole world. 同学感受那个:把后两条放在前面,最后说可能会带来很多 amazing 的体验。

  4. 在中国很成功在外国不成功的产业?
    The economy in China has boosted in 40 years, and it doesn’t follow the basic principles which could work in other countries. Market in China has indeed specific traits, such as subsidies from the government, special culture and huge population. For example, the e-commerce industry was developed on the basis of the government-supported logistic and huge market. Besides, if the strategies could succeed in China, it will give the firm enough funds and abundant experiences, which could help to modify the strategies in order to fit the international market.

  5. new country and new job.
    I would choose to go to USA and to work in a group of IPO projects. Basically, it’s commonly acknowledged that the most developed finance market is located in the US, therefore, I could acquire a lot of relevant practical techniques and skills through my working experiences, because the job opportunity could provide me with the chances to get in touch with more customers and more pragmatic problems during working process. Secondly, with technology developing, in my opinion, there would be more industries appearing combined with 5G or AI and they might be faced with the problem of financing. Thus, I could help them to solve this problem through this problem. Thirdly, since I’ve been engaging myself in the CFA test, and I’ve already been familiar with the relevant regulations in the US, so it would be convenient for me to work in the US.

  6. Back to 100 years ago.
    Basically, I would like to pay to visit to USA if I could go back to 100 years ago. Interested in the USA developing process. Firstly, as a future finance students, I’m definitely curious about the finance development in the early 20 century. I would like to take a look at the development process of some famous financial analysis model, such as Du Pont analysis and the relevant policies taken in that period in order to solve the financial crisis. Secondly, I would like to pay a visit to some local factories so I could have a deeper understanding of the second industrial revolution taken place in the US.

  7. 见名人 I’m eager to meet with ARAKI, the author of JOJO’s bizzare adventure. I have been crazy about JOJO anime since I was a kid. I’ve purchased every edition and I can remember each detail in the anime. I could not imagine what the person who has created this wonderful stories and specific artistic style should be. His former interview has shown he had a deep and interesting understanding of art work and philosophy. I want to meet him to communicate with him and exchange my idea with him. I’ll be also very excited and satisfied because he is my hero, since his story always encourage me to chase dream positively.

  8. 学习文化:交流活动:当地 native Indian culture multi-culture in nowadays. Local dishes, cheese steak + cook meal with local students and eat together Taking part in the local festival (went to a local friends birthday party and prepare gifts according to the local custom)

  9. 两国之间的文化交流活动
    USA and China
    China: native speaker, expert of local culture.
    USA: Already known about US culture.
    Though there’s problem with tariff, there’s still international trade relationship. Deeper understanding of culture would help Potential huge market for the abroad study, tourism for these 2 countries, culture activities could attract more young people to pay a visit to the other country.

  10. international currency: US dollars.
    stability: petroleum traded with US dollars; risk free products, such as T-bills; strong and energetic economy in US. Convenience: US dollars could be used in almost the whole world. When I live in China, pay a visit to Russia and North Europe, or aid-education project in Thailand, I find I could purchase goods with US dollars.

  11. Introduce a product to another part of world.
    Alipay to US, pay with QR code.
    Convenient: pay everywhere without carrying credit card, especially + on the app on phone, pay with fingerprint, in CVS or drive-in restaurant Young people more depend on phone


  1. Clean Water: A group of designer and worker who have known a lot about the local geographic knowledge. Abundant knowledge and professional worker The second group of people of financing and set a plan to the project building A group of people, especially the local people to communicate with the local government to acquire local government subsiding. And advertise the program to the local people.

  2. help poor people

Also, in my opinion, they are poor due to the lack of resources, if we help poor people with education, health care and so on, majority of the poor people will be trained to be professional worker and they would contribute to our society as well.




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