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  1. Why you are interested in EDHEC and in this particular program?
    As for edhec, I am interested in both its academic and cultural atmosphere. I major in English, I have no systematic knowledge in management, so I believe ge program is very suitable for me: in first year, it gives me general knowledge in management, and in second year, I can learn specific knowledge in marketing. Learning step by step.
  2. Why do you consider yourself a good fit for this program?
    High GMAT score, confidence in my math and logical ability.I have been to paris, as a student who learns digital marketing in hec summer school for two weeks, so I have a pre-knowledge about what’s the feeling of learning in a business school in France. Preparation to challenge.
  3. Family business. I am hoping to contribute. so I need ....
  4. What would your professor/employer recommend as an area of improvement for you? Computer skills.Two years ago, we need do translation by the aid of computer, but I am not familiar with some usage at that time.
  5. What's the best advice you ever received?
    Push yourself out the comfort zone. I was puzzled at that time, didn’t know which road should I choose after my graduation in my bachelor degree. I could work in a small educational institution as a teacher without a hitch. It seems nice to stay in my comfort zone, to make use of my presenting skills. But going to aboard is no doubt harder for me, challenging and more importantly, costly. At that time, I called to my father, saying my worries. And he says, u can never stay in this comfort zone, you need to push yourself out, so you can get more fresh things. If there are two roads in front of you, choose the harder one, you can get more.
  6. What is your personal motto?
    long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light; from Miltan paradise lost this sentence is full of hope, and it encourage me many years, every time I felt upset by the terrible situation I am in, I told myself this sentence: long is the way and hard, that out of hell leads up to light.
  7. What challenges are you looking for in your job?
  8. Do you prefer to work alone or on a team?
    As a team. Broader horizon. Different perspective. Beneficial for project.
  9. What makes a brand stand out with its competitors?
    Innovation. Brand image.Customer loyalty.
  10. 、大致描述是你在一个 group 中 play an important role 展会。
  11. A decision that you have put off the longest. Why?
  12. Why should we offer seat for you? What makes you stand out compared with other candidates?
  13. 也是描述你在一个 group 中遇到什么困难,怎么解决。NB:是描述一个你不是 leader 的情况。
    Badges / one hand, push my boss; another hand, assure my translators. Compensation.
  14. 如果团队里有个很强的同事,还有个很弱的同事,你会如何跟他们合作?
  15. 如果你是 leader,你会如何 inspire 这个 team.
    Personal interest.Humanity care.
  16. Which courses in the core modules of the program attract you most and why?
    Marketing and management in psychology.(intern,interested,family)
  17. What are your career goals? Which competences would you like to develop to achieve your goals?
    Ge-mkt-work in challenging industry- family business。 Knowledge in management and mkt/ French: markets in Africa...Europe...French...
  18. What do you think are the next big changes and emerging technologies that will disrupt industries over the next five years?
    Eco-friendly, AI-dominated.
  19. Describe an example of when you worked to clear goals or deadlines. How did you achieve and what's the overall outcome?
    GMAT test. 1. Time-line. What i should finish in which time stage. To specify my tasks into daily to-do-list. After finished, I can crossed it in my note book.2. To clear up the outer disruptions, lock the phone, and choose a silent place such as library and study room. 3. After nearly 10 days, I will adapt my plan according to my strength and weakness, for example, I do a practice test per week, and found my SC is good but cr is bad, so later I will pay more effort to cr and less to sc. What’s more, I do mediation in intervals to keep calm, I think it is beneficial for my mentality, so that when I do real test I did not feel very nervous as I was.
    I got relatively high score in GMAT test.
  20. What is the big decision did you make recently? How did you go about it?
  21. 描述一个你做对了但是别人做错了最后别人不得不接受你的意见的事。
  22. What's your passionate about?
    Shoulder my responsibility. Whatever as a family member, to contribute to my family; or as a human, to contribute to humanity, or more importantly, as a creature, to do something to protect our planet. There is a fire inside me, I wanna be influential and I wanna be helpful for this world.
  23. 以前没做过的事情?
    A lot of. Diving. Driving. Some extreme sports like Bungee jumping.
  24. 学过什么课程让你觉得可以帮助你进入 EDHEC 的学习?
    Management in psychology. Mkt in Digital transformation.
  25. 有什么关于学校以外的事情帮助你发展一些兴趣或能力,以及什么样的学术经历帮助你shaped a good quality?
    Skateboard. Part-time job.上外实验对象,严谨-注重过程 process not only to the results.
  26. 从你的实习或学习经历中获得了什么?(satisfaction)
  27. Experience as a member of the team 展会。
  28. 谁对你影响很大,说一个 impress 你的项目或者 idea.
    我爸 Impress: fortune-teller
  29. how to get new ideas?
  30. 最有成就的事情。
  31. 擅长写什么样的文章? Prose. Argumentation.
  32. 满意的 idea 和 project.
  33. 怎么收队员?
  34. 做了怎么样的准备?
  35. 最享受的课外活动。
    Skateboard. Human connection.
  36. 你可以给 EDHEC 带来什么?
    Alumni. Provide work opportunity. Ad edhec in china, where reputation of edhec is underestimate.
  37. Which business sector interests you most? And why?
    Mkt. 同上。
  38. Everyone has to bend or break the rules sometimes. What's your experience?
  39. 优秀企业家应该具备哪三个能力?
    Responsibility. Leadership.Decision.
  40. 你影响别人的一件事?
    Now cannot remember, but if I applied successfully, maybe I can influence more people to push them out of the comfort zone, and to try to challenge themselves in an unfamiliar but interested field.
  41. 解释你怎么管理解决一个困难问题,用什么方法?
  42. When have you risen to a challenge? 描述角色和产出。
    Many things are challenging when you want to enter a new and unfamiliar area. Recruit for me, is challenging, first time, as a hr. Participate in GMAT test, is also a challenge.
  43. 你作为成员参加一个项目的经历展会?
  44. 为什么觉得自己 qualified?
    同优势。GMAT,summer school,French.
  45. How do you learn new concepts? Tell us about your own learning methodology.
    Search engine-definition-examples—find this from life.
  46. You now have 2 minutes to add any further comments. Hoping to...
  47. 其他你想让 EDHEC 知道的。
  48. 期望怎样提高你的能力?
    Learning by practice. Applied my knowledge into reality.
  49. Ideal work environment.
    More relaxing, beautiful nature scenery. Flowers and pot plant. Inspire creation. More group talking. If possible, I love the work environment of google.
  50. What you have learned from your mistakes 展会。
    Responsibility is more important.
  51. Tell about a team building activity that you loved and why?
  52. What's the big decision did you make recently. How did you go about it.




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