凯斯西储面经回馈 Kira Round 1 [2018.01.07]

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  1. 你有没有需要做某个决定的情况,这种情况你遇到很多选择,你是怎么考虑各种因素的,最后结果如何。
  2. 为什么选择这个项目,讲TOP 3 factors。
  3. 描述一个时刻是你的团队的士气低落的时候你怎么做的,结果如何。
  4. (Written)申了哪些项目,哪些学校。
  5. 和团队意见不合的时候你是怎么做的以及最后结果。
  6. 描述除了school and work之外你愿意commit to的事情。
  7. 自我介绍。
  8. 说一个你分析问题的步骤、结果是什么。
  9. Tell me the most interesting thing about yourself that I won’t discover elsewhere on your application.
  10. How you ensured that team members were informed of details of an important project or organizational development? How did you keep them informed?
  11. 空闲时候花时间最多是在干什么?(感觉偏兴趣一点)
  12. If you had unlimited time, what would you devote yourself to, other than school or work.
  13. Something outside of study or work that is important for you, how to be committed.
  14. New way you provide since best solution isn’t apparent and you had to interpret guidelines or procedures. What did you do, and what was the outcome?
  15. Recognize everyone’s efforts in a group work, how you recognize and what outcome.
  16. 你自主的一个决定(a decision/choice)。
  17. 有没有一件事情超出你的comfort zone的事情?
  18. A time to show appreciation to others and how they respond.
  19. The role assigned to you is not suitable for you skills, what the outcome of the situation.
  20. How you enrich learning environment at CWRU?
  21. Please give an example when you noticed that a team member did not have the right resources or tool to do the work. What did you do as a leader,and how did your actions affect the team member’s work?
  22. 作为一个leader怎么确保组员equally input?
  23. Use your knowledge in an unconventional way?
  24. 你是否曾经troubleshoot一个完全没有任何原因的问题,结果如何。
  25. 公众演讲的经历。
  26. 一个事情体现了你发现一个事情中不同方面之间的关联性,然后得到了对这个情况的更好的理解。
  27. 你的一个milestone和如何实现(步骤)。
  28. 申请Case对短中长期目标的影响
  29. A time you make decision or recommendations without any guidelines,how you handled it and how it ends.
  30. A time when you have different opinions with your teammate and how it ends.
  31. 有和组员意见不合的情况吗?你觉得这意味着什么?
  32. 团队能力发挥到极致的时候,如何发挥teamwork?
  33. 有没有一个Academic或Extracurricular活动教会了你一些重要的事情和道理。
  34. 有没有一个project对你的人生有potential long term的影响,描述一下影响还有outcome。
  35. 你在study和work之外最刺激人心的accomplishment是什么?
  36. 一次你说服队友contribute to the team的经历。
  37. 说一个你在的successful的team,是什么原因让这个team successful?
  38. 是否曾经提供一些创新性的点子给社团,结果如何。
  39. 描述一次你需要团队队友帮忙的经历,你是怎么同意分工的,结果如何。
  40. Please describe a time when you were asked to do something differently,or use unique approach to help achieve an objective of some sort.How did you adjust to doing this differently,and what was the outcome.
  41. Please describe an unforeseen problem or difficulty you have faced in the past.How did you go about solving a problem you weren’t anticipating?
  42. Tell me about a time when you were faced with a difficult problem. What was your strategy for solving the problem,and what was the outcome?
  43. Please tell us about a time when you implemented an innovative idea at work or school.How did you come up with the idea,and what was the outcome of the implementation?
  44. Describe a project that you worked on where you had to gather and analyze vast amount of information.What factors were considered in analyzing this information,and how did this information help with the completion of the project.
  45. Provide an example of a time when you required assistance from other team members to complete a project or activity.How did you agree on the division of tasks,and what was the outcome?
  46. How do you remain involved in your community outside of school and work?
  47. 为了以后的program做了那些准备。
  48. Why Case choose you in this program this year? Why you choose Case.
  49. What experience in your life has had the most significant impact on your outlook?
  50. 说你曾经领导的一个团队,其中团队成员差异性很大,你怎么领导的?最后这个团队怎么成功的?
  51. Describe a situation when you delegated responsibility and authority to members of your team.How was your delegation effective,and did you encounter any problems?
  52. Tell us about a time when you realized that you needed to involve other members of your team in order to achieve a shared objective. How did the other team members react to getting involved,and what was the outcome?
  53. Describe a problem you had to solve that required you to gather information from a few different sources.How did you determine what information was most essential,and what information was less relevant?
  54. Describe a situation when you delegated responsibility and authority to members of your team. How was your delegation effective, and did you encounter any problems?
  55. Please describe a situation where you came up with an improved approach to getting work done or addressing an issue. How was it an improvement over the existing approach?




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