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昨天刚收到这次考试的作文分数,不是很理想,4.5, 由于没有怎么复习作文,所以这个分数也能够接受了。




_把题目复述一下________________? To some extent, I agree with the speaker’s general assertion--on the basis of _________--that__________ if *** (give the condition under which we can support the author’s idea). However, the speaker unnecessarily extends this broad assertion to an irreversible extreme while overlooks certain compelling factors impacting this issue. On balance, My points of agreement and contention with the speaker involve the fundamental and deep analysis, as discussed below.

On the one hand, it is sagacious to admit that this statement, although suffers from some obvious drawbacks, possesses some merits primarily in some special cases in which the implicit rationale behind it accords with common sense and our everyday experience as human beings, hence, is partially  indisputable. After all, in this era of social and technological changes leading to increasing progress, (you may point that the condition is possible to occur here)  __________________________________.One could effortlessly imagine the scenario, in which ___________________ Accordingly, I tend to concede that when it comes to some certain circumstances it is partially appropriate.

On the other hand, recognizing that a more applicable choice must incorporate aspects of the issue as sufficient as possible, I have to point out my contention with the speaker who, while  overstating______’s comparative significance, does not take into account some paramount  essential factors, at which thoughtless people casually take a fresh look. Surging out nowadays, the phenomena, in which________, firmly construe the fact that________. Moreover, ___________.For instance, _____________. I remembered the words the head of my university once said( and I paraphrase )that,. AAA is one of the key words of our times, A man without AAA, may of us believe, is an unfortunate victim of advance circumstance, deprived of one of the greatest twentieth-century opportunities. All the compelling evidence above demonstrates beyond any reasonable doubt that_____.

Coincidentally, a general investigation has been conducted by _____ institute in my university recently, discovering that_____________,. So, it is, at least ostensibly, to bolster the view that_______.(75% respondents tend to agree on the point that ________ . )Thus, my claim is not a mere appeal but a fact verified by statistics.

In conclusion, issue of ____________is a complex one, requiring subjective judgment, consequently, there are no easy or certain answers. So different are the personal experience, and emotional concern among people with diverse culture that thousand individuals might possess thousand opinions towards this issue. In the final analysis, according to me, ________________.

由于很多同学都发信问如何用这个模板,我找了一篇我写的issue, 给大家举一个例子,教大家如何用。我的文章写的很一般,就是告诉大家实在没有话可以说的时候,就如我这种菜鸟,如何来编造了。

107. “The most effective way for managers to assign work is to divide complex tasks into their simpler component parts. This way, each worker completes a small portion of the task but contributes to the whole.”

Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the opinion stated above. Support your views with reasons and/or examples from your own experience, observations, or reading.


which is the most effective way for managers to assign work?  (这里针对不同的题目有不同的写法)Frankly, to some extent, I agree with the speaker's general assertion that dividing complex task into simpler component parts could be effective in certain occasions. (写一些同意的原因)However, the speaker unnecessarily extend this broad assertion to an irreversible extreme while overlooks certain compelling factors impacting efficiency. On balance, my points of agreement and contention with the speaker involve the fundamental objective and the nature of work, as discussed below.

On the one hand, it is sagacious to admit that this opinion, although suffer from some obvious drawbacks, nourish some merits primarily because the implicit rationale behind the speaker's assertion according  with common sense and our everyday experience as human beings, hence is fundamentally indisputable. After all, some complex work is combined by small portions, one could hardly conduct all the parts of the work without get frustrated; to some extent, even if he or she own this ability to do such a complicate job, it might probably cost he or she lots of times, hence frustrate the employer and lower down the efficiency of the company as well. In other words, work division could galvanize the potential of all the employees. One could effortlessly imagine the scenario, in which one person is working hard at his desk with all the different kinds of books opened, leaving only a blank "word file " since he did not know all the knowledge about this work and could hardly finish it all by himself. The compelling evidence demonstrates beyond any reasonable doubt that on certain occasion, work division is efficient way to get the whole job done swiftly.

(这一段要找一个理由,来说明作者观点如何对, 你找不到例子也可以用明言,某某说过等)

On the other hand, recognizing that a more appropriate choice must incorporate aspects of issue as sufficient as possible, I have to point out my contention with the speaker who, while overstating the work division's comparative significance, ignore some paramount factors, at which thoughtless people casually take a fresh look. In short, this assertion is troubling in two other respects as well. The first argument, and the one that I find most compelling is that the speaker overlooked the capability of different employers, that is to say, some elites might just own this ability to finish the work by himself, because he had conducted a similar work and familiar with the process. The further argument I need to render--and it might have been noticed by certain individuals-- is that in some occasion, it is quite difficult to divide a work into different parts and finish different parts simultaneously since the work have a time affect. We could turn into the cultivating flowers for an analogy.  First, the seeds must be carefully chosen, then they must fall on the good ground, and must be sedulously tended, if the vivifying fruit are to be on hand when needed. The process of cultivating is indeed complex, yet, it could hardly divided into different parts because the latter could not be done until the former process have be finished successfully.

(这里找一个理由说明在一些场合下,作者观点还是不成立的, 不管什么论点,成立还是会有条件的,遇到变态题目,就找一个极端的例子。反正把字数凑上去就可以了)。

Coincidentally, a general investigation has been conducted by the business institute in my university recently, discovering that at least three factors would influence the efficiency of the work and managers always consider all the useful information not only according to the complexity of the work but also the capability of different employees. Thus, my claim is not mere proverbial wisdom but a fact verified by statistics.

(这一段一般是我如果觉得时间够的话就往上搬上去的, 呵呵,对于增加字数很有效的。因为都是废话,没有实际的意义。)

In conclusion, this issue is a complex one, requiring subjective judgment. Thus, there are no easy or certain answers. so different are the personal experience, personality type among people with diverse culture that thousand individuals might possesses thousand opinions towards this issue. According to me, a case by case study is certainly help the manager the assign different kinds of works.



Argument 模板




In this argument, the author relies on certain anecdotal evidence about______________, as well as the unreliable statistics (comparison) about the general trends among________, to convince us of the conclusion that________. This argument---- appears to be reasonable at first glance-----suffers some critical flaws that seriously undermine the conclusion after close scrutiny of evidence, and accordingly is not thoroughly well-reasoned. The main flaws of the argument would be discussed respectively.

In the first place,  the argument is fraught with vague and unwarranted assumption that________--rather than some phenomenon—was responsible for __________. In fact, more discreet inspection would reveal (disclose) that other factors far overweigh the factor which the author heeds. For example, _________. For that matter, ________is surely attribute to ________.It is also possible that_________. Hence, without weighing and then eliminating these and other possible causal explanations contributing to the long trend endorsed in the argument, the author could not solely attribute B to A while convincing us of the suspect conclusion.

In the second place, even if_____________________, the argument relies on an additional assumption—which render it unconvincing as it stands—that________. Offered in the argument, the only evidence is that________. Lacking the firm support, it might be the case that,  If so, it turns out that____________. It may also possible that____. Since the author fails to account for this possibility, he or she could not convince us of the assertion that_________, let alone the groundless conclusion.

Finally, granted that the author justifies all the foregoing assumption, the conclusion remains to be doubtful since the arguer fails to consider alternative means available. The example of ______ cited, while meaningful of this trend, is insufficient to guarantee that _________ since the arguer does not offer any evidence to support that __________is suffice for_____, nor does he take into account other concerns motivating the conclusion. The common sense tells us that _____________. By the same token, it is possible that_____________. and the claim is completely unwarranted. Thus, in face of such limited anecdotal evidence, it is fallacious for the author to draw any conclusion at all.

In a word, this argument, while seems well-supported at first, has several flaws as discussed above. Hence it is unacceptable and of no persuasion as it stands. Yet, it could be substantiated by providing more solid evidence that____________. In addition, to further bolster the conclusion, the arguer should furnish the demonstration concerning_____________. Accordingly, only with more logical reasoning could this argument turn to be more than just an emotional appeal.

commits a fallacy of “hasty generalization”, which is the most egregious reasoning error in this argument.


To begin with, the validity of the survey on which the argument relies on is doubtful in itself because this survey cited by the author is too vague to be informative. Turning first to the procedure of the survey, the arguer neither mention when and how the survey is conducted, nor does it indicate what the sample size is or how the sample is selected. Until these questions are answered, the result of this survey is worthless as evidence to support the conclusion. Turning second to the ambiguous statistics offered in the argument, the term "75% of respondent" is too vague to be meaningful even if by "75%  " the arguer means "nearly all ".Perhaps, people who are more interested than others in the survey might be more likely to complete and return their questionnaire--possibly because they find it more attractive. Lacking in the information about the ratio of number of respondents to the total number of the individual surveyed, it is impossible to assess the validity of the survey. For instance, if 1000 individual were surveyed but only 10 responded, the result should be highly suspect. Because the author fail to account for other possibilities such as this, the survey is useless in concluding that.  


Last but not the least, it is necessary to point out another flaw that significantly undermines this argument that the author neglects to indicate the exact time on which the survey was virtually conducted. As we know, the historical changes would probably invalidate the generalization, so, the less recent the survey itself, the less reliable the results to demonstrate that. Unless the author mention how recently the survey was carried on,


To begin with, we must establish the meaning of the vague concept A. If the term were synonymous with B, the evidence cited would strongly support the argument. However, A may be defined in other terms such as C and D. Accordingly, the author has drawn the conclusion too hastily due to the ignorance of other definitions of A.


In the first place, the author commits the fallacy of “all things are equal”, and unfairly assumes that A will remain unchanged over the next decades. However, absent evidence supports this inference-- the fact which happened ___years ago is neither a sound indicator reflect for the changing trend nor a good evidence to draw a conclusion offered in this argument. Lots of possibilities would undoubtedly cause the trend to fluctuate or even reverse. For example.  Any of these scenario is true, serve to undermine this claim that________.  On account of too limited evidence of the comparison, author could hardly convince us of the same background condition in different times, while assure us the suspect conclusion.

错误类比攻击 False Analogy

the argument relies on what might be a false analogy between A and B. In order for B to serve as the model that A should emulate, the author must assume that all the relevant circumstance involving ________are essentially the same between the two. Although A and B do share some similarities, yet, the difference between the two clearly outweigh the similarities, therefore making the analogy notably less than valid. For instance,  For that matter, problems such these might cast unconquerable obstacles that prevent B form experience the same consequence though it adopt the strategies of B


Last but not the least, the author unfairly assumes that us as readers must make an either-or choice between _____and ______. However, the arguer fails to provide any justification to guarantee that ____and _____ are indeed mutually exclusive alternatives and there is no room for another choice or a middle ground. Common sense () tells us that adjusting both aa and bb might produce better results. Moreover, more effective solutions such as__________would lead to ______, hence


The author engaged in ‘after this, therefore, because of this’ reasoning. The line of this argument  is that because A before B, the former directly caused the latter.

the argument bases on a known correlation between _____and ___ that the latter is the attributable, at least partly, to the former. However, a mere positive correlation alone amounts to scant evidence of the claimed causal relationship.


demographic trend  the rate at which workers can produce    the production process otherwise remain the same.   the ultimate result   sacrificing quality   reducing the size of the workforce  numbers of the operating hours. 

academic level of the teachers   research capability   graduation rate

cost expense revenue function of the cost and the margin



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