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2004/10/29 23:21:00

Founded in March 2003, is the leading online community hosting Chinese applicants of top business schools and GMAT takers. As the largest online community of its category, ChaseDream is featured by various unique programs that have been proven to offer great facility to its members in communicating, learning and sharing information of all aspects related to business school application and study. In particular, the Annual Interview of Successful Top MBA Admits and the Listings of Business School Admission Offers are the bibles for the prospective/current applicants who want to get into top business schools in the world. In 2004, wroked as partners with The MBA Tour and World MBA Tour.
Advantages of ChaseDream  Our members are well-aimed. Most of them are prospective or current applicants of business schools, which makes ChaseDream an ideal choice for well-targeted advertising and promotion motives in business schools promotion;  Our members are wide-spread geographically and are from diverse cities and regions both inside and outside China;  Our members are loyal to this community and actively involved in the discussions in our forum. Our forum covers all of the topics with regard to application of a variety of b-school programs (North America, Europe, Australia and Asia), life and study in b-school, and careers of b-school graduates. The average pageview per member is as high as 22 per day; every day our members post over 1,500 articles in our forum.  We celebrate a warm and friendly atmosphere. Our members cherish our principle of Free, Share, Open in communicating, learning and sharing information between each other. Altogether, we have built a hospitable and efficient-functioning online community;  Our members have voluntarily organized all sorts of studying workshops and holiday parties. For year 2004/5, we have Christmas/New Year parties in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin, Jinan, Qingdao,  New York (USA), Toronto (Canada) and Singapore, etc.  Our membership enjoys a high coverage of the overall Chinese (or Chinese-origin) applicants of business schools worldwide. We conservatively estimate that around 80% of all such applicants in China are our members. is an ideal choice for well-targeted advertising and promotion motives of business school programs. For a nominal sum, ChaseDream offers a posting of your program, a description of your services and a link to your website or introducing webpages. We accept and post no more than 5 distinct ads at a time, a policy to guarantee that our customers get sufficient attention and intensively promoted.
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