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Find the strength to set my spirit free
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Dare to dream
Dare to fly
ChaseDream.com is dedicated to developing a leading international online and offline community of Chinese professionals, to helping them achieve both personal and professional goals, and to cultivating long-term trusted relationship among members.
l        By developing the most active forum, ChaseDream provides an active interaction platform for Chinese professionals and executives. 
With over 220,000 members worldwide, ChaseDream is a platform for young Chinese professionals and students to share experiences on GMAT and TOEFL preparation, business-school application, school lives, career development, and to explore business opportunities. Everyday thousands of members actively participate in various discussions in the forum, and ChaseDream website receives over 150,000 page views per day. With more than 2,000 posts per day, ChaseDream has accumulated over 770,000 posts since ChaseDream’s inception in March, 2003. ChaseDream owns the hugest and latest pool of business school applicants in China, as ChaseDream obtained a large number of members within only one and a half year. 
l        By aggregating talents worldwide, ChaseDream provides its members invaluable resources and tremendous opportunities, helping them advance both personal and professional development at different stages. 
People are our greatest asset. Since 2003, ChaseDream has helped over 500 members get admitted by top business schools in the North America, Europe, and Asia. These members constitute the body of ChaseDream Business Student Fellowship (CBSF). To help members benefit from others’ successful experience in business school application, ChaseDream organized over 50 writers to compile two MBA application case books in 2003 and 2004 respectively. In the 2004 case book we interviewed 56 MBA candidates from top 30 b-schools in the US including all top 20 b-schools, such as Stanford, Wharton, Kellogg, and HBS, as well as top 10 b-schools from Europe and Canada. Networking between CBSF members has helped many of them secure internship opportunities, leveraging their career progresses.
l        By facilitating people to help each other, ChaseDream cultivates a trusted community among members. 
In ChaseDream’s spirit of mutual development, CDers (ChaseDreamer) help each other, and contribute to their community, as well as to ChaseDream. For instance, both writers and interviewees of 2003 and 2004 case books are volunteers. Interviewees love ChaseDream so much that they would like to share their own stories, and even essays, to the case books free of charge. Moreover, our members organized GMAT clubs and application clubs in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Singapore, Canada, US, etc. CDers also hold both online and offline gatherings to build their networks.
As an active interaction platform and a trusted communi

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