UCI MSBA 2021 Kira 面经 [2021.04.09]
2021/4/15 10:38:27
申请递了一个半月才发 Kira,不知道是不是想拒只是委婉点。

口语就是网上的 31 题面经里的,7 个口语,每个一分钟,两个笔试,每个十分钟还是十五分钟记不清了,没有字数限制,笔试可以复制粘贴,笔试题目看了前面几个帖子好像也没什么区别。


If you could join the Merage MSBA program, what contribution could you make to the UCI community?
2 . What are you most excited about attending graduate school?

附31题面经 :

Introduction about yourself:

Tell us about yourself.
Three words to describe you by your friends?
What do you do for fun?
Describe your ideal day.
Where did you grow up?/ talk about your hometown.
Role model/ who are your role models and why?

About your undergraduate college time:

What was your favorite part about college?
Tell us about your most satisfying and most disappointing experiences.
What are your previous professional experiences? How they influenced your decision to start MS of accounting study at this point?
News skills learned last year.
What volunteer or social activities have helped you develop professional skills?

About your qualities/ capabilities:

Your advantages over other candidates.
Describe your leadership style.
How would you describe your leadership skills?
你近期 headed up(领导)的一个 program.
Give us an example of how one of your strengths has benefited you when working in a team environment. Teamwork.
What would you do if you disagree with other team members? Example?/with your supervisor, how did you deal with it?
Tell me an example about how you solve problems/ describe how you go about problems.Example?有专门问在团队中遇到问题的。
Tell me about a time when you were able to help improve a work procedure by making good suggestions to your supervisor or co-worker.
Give us one example of how well you work under pressure 抗压能力
Describe a demanding situation that you were faced in which you managed to remain calm and composed. How did you solve the problem?
Being able to learn quickly on the job is important. Tell us about a situation when you had to pick up an essential skill quickly.

About program and future career:

Why UCI?
why UCI MSBA program attracts you?
Why do you choose profession?
Where do you see yourself in three years?
What motivates  you to be successful?
What city do you want to work in?


Tell me about a time when you were faced with an ethical dilemma. What did you do?
Describe one time that you had to prioritize your responsibility?
最 proud 的 achievement/ one of your accomplishment.

攒攒人品,希望藤校 g5 摸奖成功。祝大家申请顺利哈!


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