JHU MSF 2020 Fall Kira 面经 [2019.12.28]
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Another country (culture difference)

Ed1: if you have unlimited funds and can travel to anywhere in the world, where do you want to go and why?
Ed2: Without fund limitation, which country do you like to travel?
Ed1:imagine you have the chance to see how people in other cultures see the world. which culture will you learn and why?
Ed3 :Imagine that you could fully immerse yourself in another culture for an entire year.
Ed4:What culture would you choose and why?
Ed2:Whether it is important for students to learn that people with different culture have different values with them?
如果有一个商业企划可以在你自己的国家很成功,make much profit in your own country,但是 insensitive in other culture, will you accept?
Ed1: your friend offers you a job in another country, which country would you choose, what job would you choose and why?

Ed2: If you were scheduled an interview for a new job in a country rather than your own, which country would you choose and why?
Ed1: if you have the chance to spend one hour with global famous celebrities, but he cannot say anything, who will you choose and why?

Ed2: 如果你可以选择和一位名人见面,你会选谁,为什么?
Where would you like to if you can go back to 100 years ago? You can choose any country except your own.
你要通过什么学习别的国家的 tradition?
如果你只能选一个 currency 作为 international currency,选什么为什么
What's the famous destination you want to visit and why?
Imagine you could introduce a product unique to your part of the world to another culture. What product would you choose and what culture would you introduce it to and why?


你要为一个小国家建造一个clean water project, 谁会在你的团队里面,why
Ed1:如果你有一笔资金用于donation 你会捐助到什么地方?为什么?
  Ed2:If you can run an organization and benefit some groups of people, who do you think will be benefited?
do you think you are the citizen of the world?
你的公司开发出来一个新产品,有助于解决 hungry and malnutrition 这类的社会问题,你会怎么向有 social consciousness 的企业家 pitch 这款产品?
Ed1:You are the CEO of a company. You want to do a global health project. How will you talk to your share holders?
Ed2:if you are a CEO of a great cooperation, which product/service you would like to offer, why?

Teamwork Conflicts

Ed1: You are th

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